The EU’s House of European History is a wildly extravagant vanity project

The EU’s House of European History, which is to open its doors on Saturday (May 6) has been criticised by MEP Jonathan Arnott. “This wildly extravagant vanity project – which has cost at least £44 million of taxpayers’ cash after costs spiralled out of control – is devoted to explaining the history of European integration. […]


Increase in manufacturing export orders welcomed

A report showing the strongest increase in manufacturing export orders in six years has been welcomed by North East MEP Jonathan Arnott. The weak pound is making UK goods more competitive and demand from non EU markets has improved at a record pace. The demand from domestic customers is also at the strongest for three […]


If a war broke out tomorrow, would our Armed Forces be capable of defending Britain’s territory?

Dear Editor, The idea of a war between Spain and the UK over Gibraltar is ridiculous. Politicians on both sides may enjoy blustering about this issue but it would never happen. However, this non-debate does highlight a much more serious question – if a war broke out tomorrow, would our Armed Forces be capable of […]


The government must be prepared to fight for our fishing industry

Dear Editor, Democracy has prevailed! Article 50 has been triggered and the United Kingdom is leaving the EU. Talks between the UK and EU will kick off soon and many different priorities have been discussed in recent days; these have included everything from defence and security concerns to the wellbeing of London bankers. One policy […]

Statement on Article 50

I am hugely encouraged that, 9 months and 6 days after the British people spoke loud and clear in the EU referendum, Theresa May has today finally triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and we now begin the formal process of withdrawal from the European Union. This move has the overwhelming support of the […]