The new North East devolution plan is a political hotchpotch

News that three North East councils are believed to be going it alone on a devolution deal has been described as a “political hotchpotch” by local MEP Jonathan Arnott. The government had declared a devolution deal was off the table when the proposal involving all seven local authorities collapsed earlier this month. But ITV Tyne […]


It is great to see Co-op supporting British farming

Dear Editor,   Co-op have announced that they will switch to 100% British bacon and lamb in all of their own brand products.  Co-op already have an impressive record of backing British farming and I would like to take this opportunity to commend them for taking this one step further. This is a move that […]

Trust in the British political system will be shattered forever if politicians continue down this dangerous road

Dear Editor, The UK and especially the North East voted overwhelmingly for Brexit.  The British people sent a very clear message to Westminster – we want to leave the European Union.  It is a shame that not all of our politicians seem to have heard this message – perhaps some have chosen to outright ignore […]


North East education has been underfunded and neglected

Comments by the country’s senior schools inspector about the North-South divide in secondary education have been welcomed by North East MEP Jonathan Arnott. “I fear that the worries expressed by Sir Michael Wilshaw,  Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Schools, are totally justified and therefore welcome him bringing this important matter into the public arena,” said […]


Jonathan Arnott MEP calls for investment not more empty words

The latest unemployment figures for the North East – showing it is still the highest in the country – demonstrate the ongoing need for investment in the region, said local MEP Jonathan Arnott. “It is just not good enough for the government to keep muttering about the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ as if that is some magic […]