Theresa May’s moves to strengthen economic links with Africa ahead of Brexit make sense

Dear Sir. Theresa May’s moves to strengthen economic links with Africa ahead of Brexit make sense. Indeed, free and fair trade is one of the best ways to lift developing nations out of poverty. However, handing over an extra £4 billion of funding to the continent makes less sense. If our Overseas Aid budget were […]

Unemployment figures welcomed by local MEP

Independent North East MEP Jonathan Arnott has welcomed today’s news that unemployment in the region has fallen: “Figures show that unemployment in the North East fell by a further 3,000 to 56,000 between May and July. This is fantastic news for the North East economy, showing that we are finally beginning to catch up with […]

The few Labour politicians that have dared to brave the abuse and speak out on anti-Semitism within Labour have done a great service to their Party and country

In one of Aesop’s fables, a man is considering a purchase of a donkey. The owner allows him to take it for a trial. As soon as the donkey enters the stable, it went straight up to the laziest and greediest donkey there. The man immediately rejected the donkey. The owner protested that he hadn’t […]

Local MEP supports calls for child chess prodigy to stay

A chess playing MEP has lent his support to calls for a child chess prodigy to be allowed to remain in this country. Nine-year-old Shreyas Royal has been dubbed Britain’s “greatest chess prospect in a generation” and is ranked number four in the world in his age group. But his father’s visa will expire next […]

Mainstream politicians of all sides have made a dog’s breakfast of Brexit

On June 23rd 2016, the British people took the historic and momentous decision to leave the European Union. Here in the North East, over 58% of those who voted chose to Leave. That decision wasn’t taken in a vacuum: it came after the 2014 European elections were won by a Leave-supporting party, and the 2015 General […]