Media Update

In the last few weeks, I’ve been a guest on the North East edition of the BBC Sunday Politics. I’ve spoken about Brexit and political strategy to BBC Radio Tees and BBC Radio Newcastle and I’ve been a guest on TWR Radio on various occasions about issues such as Tesco job cuts, Brexit (of course) […]

Why I’m glad I left elected politics

Written for The Burkean, September 2019 There’s always dichotomy in modern politics: Brexiteer or Remainer; pro-Trump or anti-Trump; Right or Left. To an extent, I’m used to this. I’m a chessplayer after all, which pits the black pieces against the white. That’s part of the beauty of the game: winners and losers, right and wrong. […]

Crime: the political Cinderella issue

Written for the Journal, August 2019 I’ve been a victim of crime in the past, on at least three occasions – vehicle crime and a random unprovoked assault. One in seven people in the North East were victims of crime last year. Crime destroys lives, tears apart families, and rips at the fabric of society. […]

BoBs: Bored of Brexit

First published in the Chronicle & Journal I’ve got little choice but to mention the B-word. Again. Over the years, I’ve tried to keep some variety in my columns and avoid causing too much distress to the many BOBs (Bored of Brexit) who just want the whole thing to be over and done with, Brenda-from-Bristol […]

The glimmer of humanity

Published in the Newcastle Journal July 2019 Forsaken, almost human. Leonard Cohen’s words from Suzanne spring to mind, unbidden. Christian theologians would take umbrage at the word ‘almost’ being used in reference to Jesus. Cohen’s capricious muse mixed whimsical, crazy humanity with overwhelming vulnerability. These last five years have seemed an eternity, or gone in the […]