Statement on the UK-EU Brexit agreement

“Senior EU figures are now openly calling for a United States of Europe by 2025; the good news is that we’re getting off the train before it reaches a destination where almost nobody in the UK wants to go. When the former President of the European Parliament, now the second-most powerful politician in Germany, joins […]


UK train fares are among the highest in Europe but that is not matched by the services provided on many lines

Dear Editor, The depressing hike in rail fares from next month will hit travellers all over the country, but it is those in the poorer areas, like the North East, who will feel it most. Trains provide a vital link for commuters so they can earn a living and keep a roof over their family’s […]


Fishing for Amendments

Seeing the slow but inexorable decline in our fishing industry has been frankly heartbreaking. Our once proud fishing fleets have been decimated by EU legislation and during the referendum campaign fishing communities were amongst the loudest voices in the Leave camp having experienced how disastrous EU policy has been to our country. It was hoped […]

Theresa May has put herself in the worst negotiating position in history

It’s reported that Theresa May has agreed to pay the European Union €45-€55 billion as a ‘divorce bill’ when we leave the European Union. To put it into perspective, that’s around £1,000 for every adult in the UK. I desperately want Britain to leave the EU. It’s not just about the economic benefits that we […]


A lot of fake news comes from the heart of Westminster

Dear Editor, Fake news has become a common and controversial topic in UK politics, often blamed on Russian spy agencies and foreign powers trying to subvert Western democracies – but, in reality, it’s more likely to be generated by the power of the internet to spread information without quality control or checks. However, a lot […]