Who’s really letting Brexit down?

I’m going to apologise in advance for the length of this post, but it’s worth deconstructing this article in some detail. I’m writing about an article written by a Professor of Organisation Studies at the University of London. It’s somewhat instructive because it encapsuates how Remainers are currently thinking, and arguing. I reproduce the article, […]

 This country is crying out for political leadership but voters are asked to choose which party they consider to be less incompetent

Dear Editor, Theresa May has announced that she has split her cabinet into two groups to discuss various Customs Union options. This sounds like an excellent project for a A-Level politics class which is learning about Brexit, but is it really something that the UK Cabinet should be doing? Especially when this announcement was made […]

Jonathan Arnott MEP has slammed a suggestion by five North-East Labour MPs that the Brexit referendum should be re-fought

An independent North East Euro-MP has slammed a suggestion by five North-East Labour MPs that the Brexit referendum should be re-fought, saying the conversation should have moved on by now. Jonathan Arnott said “Let’s just try to keep things in context, shall we? Yes, we had a referendum at which more people voted Leave than […]

MEP slams peers amendment vote

Local MEP Jonathan Arnott has described the House of Lords vote on an amendment for the UK to continue in the EU’s Customs Union as “an utter betrayal.” The amendment, tabled by cross-bencher Lord Kerr, passed with a majority of 123 votes and was backed not only by Labour and Lib Dems, but also by […]

We must give our police the resources and manpower that they need to keep our streets safe

Dear Editor, Last week the Gazette reported that violent crime on Teesside has risen more than 70% compared to nine years ago and by 12% compared to last year.  The same report stated that over the same period, almost 500 Cleveland Police posts have been lost – a fall from 1,721 in 2009 to 1,274 […]