Belfast meeting a huge success

The Party’s support in Northern Ireland is increasing quickly.  As well as myself, the speakers were David McNarry MLA and Paul Nuttall MEP with Cllr. Henry Reilly as the Chairman.  The first surprise of the night was the sheer number of people who turned up: a venue with space for 70 members had been booked, and the start of the meeting had to be delayed so that a couple of dozen extra seats could be brought in.  By the start of the meeting, almost 100 members were in attendance.

My speech worked focused on the potential in Northern Ireland for UKIP success.  Council elections are held under Single Transferable Vote, which makes it much easier for a developing Party to take seats.  The European elections provide a real opportunity for us – breaking through in Northern Ireland politics is difficult because of fears that UKIP could ‘split the Unionist vote’.  But we have heard similar concerns over UKIP success on the mainland – and voters are prepared to leave their traditional parties at European elections.  There should be a real chance of getting a UKIP MEP elected in Northern Ireland.David McNarry’s intellect and deep understanding of politics was impressive.  He inspired confidence in UKIP’s potential in Northern Ireland and came across as an assured and confident leader.  Previously, UKIP has had Henry Reilly elected to the Newry & Mourne Council – topping the poll by a considerable margin.  Paul Nuttall’s speech was easily the most impressive that I have ever heard him give: full of passion and commitment.  He well deserved the standing ovation that he received at the end of his speech.


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