Uncontrolled immigration from Bulgaria and Romania

Much has been written on the situation in Sheffield’s Page Hall district regarding the Roma community, mainly from Slovakia.  UKIP’s position is perfectly clear: immigrants are guests in our country and should be expected to respect our culture.  Those who commit crimes in the UK should expect to be deported.  But of course, whilst in the EU we lack the power to enforce deportations.


Earlier this week, I was interviewed by the Times newspaper.  I have yet to see the story that will be printed but for almost an hour and a half the journalist grilled me, trying to get me to make anti-Roma comments.  I have never, and will never, attack anyone based upon their ethnicity or culture.  But I will oppose the EU’s uncontrolled mass net immigration into the UK.


The plight of the Roma people is truly heartbreaking, but the appropriate response to that is not to simply open the UK’s borders to anyone who wants to come into the country.  The problem with unlimited immigration from Bulgaria and Romania is the scale.  When months ago, 4.2% of the working-age Bulgarian population were estimated by the BBC to be ‘actively planning’ to move to the UK, that figure could well be an underestimate.  Will the expected wave of immigration from those countries result in increased crime?  It may do.   The situation in Page Hall is certainly a cause for concern, but we can do something about it without resorting to racism.


David Blunkett warns of riots, but offers no solution.  I can’t help but feel that it’s irresponsible, planting the idea of riots into the public’s mind without proposing a realistic, workable solution.  UKIP proposes that solution:


1.  Leave the European Union, so that we can once again control our borders


2.  Deport those immigrants who abuse our hospitality by committing crimes whilst in the UK


Eventually, the message will get out: guests are welcome in the UK only when they act like guests.  Something can be done about Page Hall, but not whilst we’re members of the European Union.

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