North East local election results

The First Past The Post system continues to make it difficult for UKIP to take Council seats across the North East, but UKIP fielded candidates in 102 of the 121 Council seats up for grabs this time.  A few key facts in these seats:

  • UKIP won 2 seats, with a further 63 second-place finishes
  • In these 102 seats Labour took 117,337 votes, UKIP 62,123, Conservatives 40,608, Liberal Democrats 24,535 and Greens 3,697.  
  • Where UKIP stood, we took 23.98% of the vote – up even on the 2013 shares
  • UKIP did better in Labour areas (average 26.7%) than in Conservative areas (average 19.7%)
  • 56 out of our 102 candidates took over 25% of the vote
  • Both UKIP gains were in Hartlepool, where UKIP took 30.5% of the vote across the Council where we stood.  
  • The scores in other Councils: South Tyneside 31.7%, Sunderland 26.8%, Gateshead 23.0%, North Tyneside 21.7%, Newcastle 18.2% 

Overall, these results represent massive progress for the Party.  I’d like to thank all of those who stood for UKIP, and congratulate the victorious candidates.  All eyes will now be on the European election count tomorrow (Sunday 25th), when the results will be known sometime after 10pm.

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