Reason #4: EU money is OUR money

Today’s reason for voting UKIP is quite a simple one. The other parties point to plenty of examples of ‘EU funding’ as evidence that we should be a member of the EU.

For example, on St. George’s Day we had the largest ever public meeting in the history of UKIP at the Sage, Gateshead. 1,200+ people turned up, and the atmosphere was electric. Labour’s lead North East candidate Judith Kirton-Darling attacked UKIP because ‘the Sage had received EU funding’. But all of this EU money comes out of the £55 million we hand over every single day in membership fees.

It’s not Monopoly money, it’s coming out of our taxes. £1.83 per worker per day may not sound a lot, but it soon adds up – try multiplying that by 365 and see how much it’s costing you in a year for example.

And that’s not to mention the tens of billions of pounds every year that the EU’s regulations, and Agriculture and Fisheries policies, cost us. I put it this way: Would you pay £20 for a £10 Marks & Spencers voucher? That’s what the EU does, but it expects us to be grateful for the £10 voucher!

If you vote UKIP on Thursday, you’re voting to get back control of our own money.

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