What about the local elections?

I’m standing in the European elections, so for the vast majority of this campaign I’ve been talking about the European elections. But in many areas of the North East and throughout the country, we have UKIP candidates standing for Council elections on the same day. It’s become almost the forgotten campaign, with very little media coverage by comparison.

As I’m in the middle of a series of reasons for voting UKIP at the European elections, I thought I’d at least do one article on the Council elections on the same day.  Every local area is different, so I’ll stick to general principles of what we stand for.  In local government, UKIP offers a unique philosophy which sets us apart from the other parties.  So why should you vote UKIP at the Council elections on Thursday?


Reason #1: UKIP’s councillors work harder than councillors of any other Party

UKIP councillors have the BEST record of any Party for attendance – even the Times and Guardian have had to admit this.  Our councillors take their responsibilities very seriously.

As one example, Huntingdonshire District Council tried to close the public toilets in Ramsey as a cost-saving measure.  UKIP’s Cllr. Pete Reeve fought this all the way, to keep a much-needed service open for the public.  Signs went up in homes across Ramsey ‘Save our toilets’, but eventually it was to no avail.  The Council couldn’t afford the cost of cleaning them, and pushed them to close.  So Pete Reeve rolled up his sleeves, and now cleans the toilets himself.  Being a councillor is about serving people in your community.


Reason #2: UKIP councillors stand up for you, not Party bosses

In other parties, diktats are handed down from the Party telling councillors how they must vote.  UKIP is different.  We don’t have a whipping system for local councillors, because we recognise that councillors are supposed to be the champions of their local community, standing up for local people’s needs.   If you vote UKIP, you know that UKIP councillors will stand up for our core values – but you also know that they will work on behalf of local residents, rather than be controlled by a Party’s central office.


Reason #3: UKIP is the Party of local democracy

We’re the Party that wants local people to be able to decide key local issues through local referenda.  Major planning decisions which impact on the community should give you a real say – far too often, planning ‘consultations’ lead to the wishes of local residents being ignored.  We’re the Party campaigning against the Cabinet system in local government, so that backbench councillors can regain a say in how a Council is run rather than power being in the hands of a centralised few.  In fact, UKIP has already managed to achieve this change in some Councils.


Reason #4: UKIP is the Party which would spend your money wisely

We recognise that Council Tax is a big drain on many people’s finances, so we want the money collected from you to be spent more efficiently.  That’s why UKIP councillors highlight Town Hall waste, whether it’s senior staff who earn more than the Prime Minister of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money spent on advertising.  As we often say, “Cut bureaucracy but protect front-line services”.

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