Letter- Thoughts on the Scottish referendum

Dear Editor,


I read with great interest yesterday’s feature on the town’s views on Scottish independence.

Westminster is not working for Scotland, nor is it working for Hartlepool, Guisborough or Blyth.    However the system can be fixed and made to work. I would implore the people of Scotland not to change the path of these Islands for all time based on short-term concerns about who forms the next government.

Governments and political systems can be reformed – and next May in all four corners of the UK millions of people will show their discontent with our out of touch political class.  Through this we can begin to reform the old broken system and refashion it into a system that will work for all of us, rather than just a select few in the Westminster political bubble.  It is my view that reforming the political system is preferable to its complete destruction as that would greatly impact so many of the ways we live our lives.

I believe in self determination and if the people of Scotland vote for independence then I will wish them the best of luck, but it is my view that both Scotland and the rest of the UK have a brighter future together than apart.


Jonathan Arnott

UKIP MEP – North East




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