Letter- A long-term railway investment plan is required

Dear Editor,

Last week, Grand Central announced a large investment in the region’s rail network, but the Journal’s story today reinforced yet again just how much work is ahead of us before infrastructure in the North East is on par with the rest of the country.

Whether you are travelling to work, an event or just going to the shops, the railways are key to thousands of peoples daily commute.  Yet those same lines are plagued by outdated trains, over crowding and underinvestment.  This chronic overcrowding proves beyond any doubt the demand for rail services and the justification for further investment.

We need improved lines, updated trains and more seats.  A temporary fix it up will not be good enough, nor is maintaining the status quo.  London spends 24 times as much per person on transport infrastructure as we do in the North East, if we seriously want to tackle this vital issue, then we need to invest in our railways and put in place a long term solution.  Fixing this issue will make life easier for thousands of local people everyday whilst simultaneously strengthening the region’s economy.

Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East region

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