Letter – A response to yet more Labour lies about UKIP

Dear Editor,


It saddens me that yet again the Labour Party can offer your readers no more than scaremongering and lies about UKIP.

They talk about commitment to infrastructure, but just like under the Tories, Labour oversaw years of underinvestment into our roads and railways.  Just last week, Labour’s Shadow Transport Minister cast doubt on whether a Labour government would dual the A1.

Labour talk about defending and improving the NHS, yet it declined massively under Labour mismanagement and it was Labour governments that began to privatise it though the Private Finance Initiative.

Labour often lie about UKIP seeking to charge you to see a doctor, yet our “policies for people” document clearly states that UKIP will not charge you to see your GP.   This accusation is particularly rich when you consider two leading Labour figures; Lord’s Winston and Warner recently called for charges to see a GP, Lord Winston helpfully suggested a £200 fee.

UKIP want to introduce real recall, to allow you to remove criminal, corrupt and inept politicians.  Sadly the Labour party did not trust the public with this power and voted against the bill en-masse.

I would implore you to look at the record of your local MP, look beyond the rhetoric and lies and see if they have truly put your best interests at heart, or if they just looked for the next pay slip and quango bonus.


Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East

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