Letter – Announcing my support for the Right Lines campaign

Dear Editor,


I would like to publicly pledge my support to the Echo’s Right Lines campaign.

Modernising and improving the North East’s railways is absolutely vital to improving the region’s future prosperity.  In recent weeks I have spoken about this issue multiple times and I am delighted to throw my full support behind your paper’s campaign.

Not only are our lines and stations in need of improvements but many of the local trains are both outdated and outrageously overcrowded.  We need to be able to provide faster, more reliable and more comfortable public transport for the people of the North East.

London spends 24 times as much per person on transport infrastructure as we do here in the North East.  Recent investment from Grand Central is welcome, but if we are going to fix this long-running issue then we need further investment both from the private and public sectors. I hope that your campaign brings us closer to the day when our local infrastructure is on a par with the rest of the country.


Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East region

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