Letter- The number of foreign criminals in our prisons rises again

Dear Editor,

Our prison service currently faces a funding crisis and a chronic lack of places.  Standards and security have been dropping and suicide rates are soaring.  Meanwhile, the National Audit Office has reported that the number of foreign prisoners has gone up – yet again.  They reported that the UK now has 12,250 foreign offenders.

This exposes yet again the empty rhetoric constantly spun by the Labour and Conservative parties; both of whom have repeatedly claimed that tackling the number of foreign criminals in our country is a priority.  They will talk about regaining control of our borders, about deporting foreign criminals, but time and again this is exposed as what it is – all talk, no action.

I find it an affront to everything that this country is supposed to stand for that foreigners come to the UK, commit serious crimes against British citizens then the government uses the tax money gained from those same hardworking citizens to house, feed and entertain these prisoners.  Don’t believe the empty rhetoric of Labour and the Tories, if you want to regain control of our borders and deport offenders, UKIP is the only solution.

Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East

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