Letter – Shaking up the cosy chumocracy

Dear Editor,


It’s a given that if you wish to shake up the cosy chumocracy in Parliament that you’ll receive a host of attacks, and be on the end of a type of politics, which quite frankly, should remain in the gutter.

Dennis Sewell’s letter yesterday (07.10.14) was a fine example of this.

When we look at the millionaire-filled green benches of Westminster, on all sides of the house, who claim to represent the decent hard working people of the North, is it any surprise that people are voting UKIP in their droves?

I’m a former Maths teacher. UKIP’s deputy leader is from Bootle, one of the poorest constituencies in the country. Amjad Bashir MEP; a bloke from Bradford who started off selling perfume door-to-door in order to support his family. Would any of us seriously be accepted into the bloated political consensus which exists today?

Let’s scrap the bedroom tax, put a halt to the Labour/Tory drive to privatise our NHS and ensure those who are the lowest paid in society do not pay a penny piece in income tax.

This would be a strong start to support the North East, and punish Lazy Labour which has neglected our region for years.


Jonathan Arnott MEP, UKIP

North East Region.

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