Letter – We must provide proper facilities for our school children

Dear Editor,

I’d like to praise Central First School in Ashington, Northumberland, following their transformation of a double-decker bus into a classroom, as a cost-effective solution to their chronic lack of space.

However, does this not illustrate the sad state of affairs in our education system today?

The Labour Party failed miserably during their time in government trying to gain value for money for taxpayers on new school builds. This has ultimately left us with overcrowded classrooms and underperforming schools.

Only last year we heard how our government poured £388 million into the ‘Education for All’ programme in India – a report released by the Indian government highlighted how no less than £70 million for the programme had either been stolen or lost.

How can it possibly be right that our London-based political elite lavish millions into other countries’ education systems, when our own kids here in the North East are forced to learn in buses due to the lack of classroom space?

It’s high time we ensured that our children receive the best possible start in life.


Jonathan Arnott MEP, UKIP

North East Region.

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