Letter – Yet more evidence highlights the lack of recovery in the North East

Dear Editor,


Sadly, I was not surprised to read yet again, that the North East is lagging behind the rest of the country.  Recent reports show that while UK house prices are rising, prices in the North East are in decline.

This is yet another sign of the lack of recovery in the North East.   Unemployment is rising across the region, whilst it falls in every other part of the country. Meanwhile our local NHS at best is stagnating – while at worst it crumbles, areas of the region have among the highest percent of vacant shop fronts in the UK and our infrastructure is overcrowded and under funded.

The North East has been let down for long enough. It is the out of touch Conservatives and the Labour “one party state” in the North that have led us into this mess – they were the cause but they are not the solution.  UKIP are the true opposition in the North of England and we will ensure the elitist political classes are held to account on behalf of its citizens.


Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East

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