Letter – It is time to re-examine how we deal with international aid

Dear Editor,


Since 2010 our government has drastically cut services in all aspects of UK public life – whilst simultaneously paying hundreds of millions of pounds of international aid to India.  I would like to congratulate the people of India for the fantastic achievement of putting a satellite into orbit around Mars.  Of course I believe we should help out those in need.  But I can’t approve of paying hundreds of millions of pounds of foreign aid to a country that has such a space programme.  It’s not just an isolated case either; in recent years taxpayers’ money has gone to powers like Russia and Argentina.

Our aid budget needs to be spent where it will have the most impact, where people are most vulnerable.  We can’t justify giving money to these powers whilst people die from Ebola in Africa, and for that matter, whilst pensioners in Hartlepool face the choice of either being cold or hungry.  Let’s get hold of this bloated, ineffective aid budget and do our bit to make peoples lives better, at home as well as abroad.


Jonathan Arnott

UKIP MEP – North East

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