Parlimentary Activity – Bullfighting subsidy votes

I have had very many letters from Constituents urging me to vote to end the payment of CAP subsidies to landowners whose farms are used to rear bulls for bullfighting.

There were two separate votes on this subject today. In each case a “yes” vote was required to stop the subsidies.

The first vote was an amendment to the budget (from which the subsidies are paid) and although more MEPs voted “yes” than voted “no” (321-309) a two thirds majority is required on budget related votes and this hurdle had not been achieved.

The second vote was an amendment to the “Gardiazabal Rubial / Hohlmeier Report. This vote passed with similar numbers because only a straight majority was required.

However, this second vote was not a legislative vote. It was in effect an opinion on the EU budget. The applause that followed the vote would lead many to believe that subsidies would be stopped.

So we end up in the position of Parliament condemning the payment of subsidies for bull fighting, yet continuing to authorise their payment.

UKIP MEPs voted “yes” in each case.

British tax payers are only paying this subsidy because we are in the EU. As an independent country we would never waste our resources on this so-called entertainment.

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