Letter- Response to Commissioner Andor’s comments on EU immigration

Dear Editor,


Laszlo Andor (EU Commissioner for Employment) has called uncontrolled mass immigration a “minor issue”, and amazingly, rather than addressing the issue, has suggested we should instead invest in new facilities, housing and services so that we can specifically support a further wave of EU immigrants.

These are harsh times. Unemployment remains high and millions of people face the choice this winter between heating and eating.   We already have a housing shortage, our schools are so overcrowded that playgrounds are being placed on rooftops, and councils across the region are making drastic cuts to basic services.

I can’t comprehend how the EU expects us to spend money we don’t have, to make room for thousands of new European immigrants in our towns and cities, when we are currently failing those who already live in them so badly.

How can Mr Andor expect us to improve health infrastructure when we are cutting services and staff hours all across the North East?   We need to put our house in order. We need to control our borders and our budget.  We need to get people out of fuel poverty and cut reliance on food banks.


Jonathan Arnott MEP (UKIP North East)


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