Scrap subsidies for new wind farms

The UK should stop giving new subsidies for wind farms, according to UKIP’s North East MEP, Jonathan Arnott.

The call comes following the news that the anti-wind farm, Middleton Burn Action group, were barred from the premises of a public exhibition by a wind farm developer.

The community organisation were barred from the building where the organisation’s exhibition was set to take place, with the company claiming that some of its ‘large’ members had previously acted in an intimidating fashion.

The group has dismissed the accusation and slammed the company’s decision to bar the group from the property, maintaining it will take up a place outside the venue.

Arnott, UKIP’s local Euro MP, said “Taxpayers are still paying vast sums on top of their electricity bills to fund wind turbines across the UK. These subsidies, given to wealthy landowners and big corporations, have a devastating effect on pensioners and low income families in our region who will face the stark choice this winter between heating and eating.”

Middleton Burn Ltd is proposing to erect fourteen 125m turbines at its site in Belford, Northumberland.

The turbines would be six times the height of the Angel of the North.

Arnott added “By driving up energy costs, reducing competitiveness and deterring investment, a recent report highlights that for every one ‘green job’ created, four are destroyed elsewhere in the economy. Wind turbines are a hugely inefficient energy source which the taxpayer simply doesn’t get value for money from. We should scrap subsidies for wind farms at the earliest opportunity.”

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