Letter – Correcting tiresome Labour spin

Dear Editor,


With another day comes another Labour attack claiming UKIP wish to privatise the NHS.


It is kind of Mr Blenkinsop to try to mislead your readers, but here are a few facts about UKIP’s policy on the NHS (taken directly from our Policies for People document):

– UKIP will ensure the NHS is free at the point of delivery and time of need for all UK residents.

– UKIP opposes plans to charge patients for visiting their GP.

– We will stop further use of PFI in the NHS and encourage local authorities to buy out their PFI contracts early where this is affordable.

– We will ensure that GPs’ surgeries are open at least one evening per week, where there is demand for it.

– There will be a duty on all health service staff to report low standards of care.


Our health service is a British birthright, UKIP will not seek to privatise the NHS and we would reverse Labour’s crippling PFI privatisation scheme.

Mr Blenkinsop reminds us that it was the Labour party that established the NHS, but sadly the Labour party of Aneurin Bevan would not recognise the unprincipled, spin-obsessed, Labour Party of 2014.


Same old Labour, all spin – no substance.


Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East

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