Letter – Exposing more of Labour’s lies

Dear Editor,

Mr Anderson stated in The Journal two weeks ago (31st), “When Mr Arnott and his colleagues start attending their jobs regularly in Brussels and Strasbourg and do their job for which they were elected they might be listened to more”. However, in today’s (11th) edition of The Journal, Mr Anderson stated that he wasn’t actually referring to my 95%+ voting record, and was only considering my party leader, Nigel Farage.

So, let’s talk about party leaders.

Currently his leader, Ed Miliband, has a measly 37.43% voting record in Westminster. Gordon Brown, Labour’s former leader, currently has a shocking voting record of just 12.78%.

A return journey for me to travel to the European Parliament in Strasbourg is nearly 1500 miles. I should also point out I do not have a ‘second home’ in either Brussels or Strasbourg, unlike a number of North East Labour MPs who have taxpayer funded properties down in the Westminster bubble.

Labour’s continued tasteless smears against UKIP are getting tiresome. But I suppose, considering Labour’s record in government was so abysmal, turning to gutter style politics was always inevitable.

Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East

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