Letter- More of the same is not good enough

Dear Editor,

Nick Clegg has called for the replacement of outdated trains in our region.   He says he wants “significant improvement” and calls them “ancient,” “decrepit” and “unfit.”  This was all very commendable, until he showed his true colours and revealed his blatant electioneering.

Clegg wants to see these “ancient” and “unfit” trains replaced by 2025.  2025? If this does not show how out of touch the London elite are, then I do not know what will.  Many of these trains are falling apart here in 2014 never mind 2025.   Why do the Lib Dems want to leave us with “ancient” and “decrepit” trains for another 10 years?  Is this the “Northern Future” Mr Clegg has planned? More of the same?

Mr Clegg has had 4 and a half years in power, I find it interesting that he has waited until he’s about to get kicked out of office to propose doing anything to fix this very long running problem.  It is rather suspicious that in the run up to the election he has suddenly noticed this crippling infrastructure weakness.


Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East

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