Letter – School funding should be spent on education, not millionaire architects

Dear Editor,

Whilst some North East pupils are being taught in buses, Labour’s Lord Knight of Weymouth has defended his party’s record of spending millions of pounds on architects’ fees for what he called “cathedrals of learning.”

We do not need expensive, advanced designs for school buildings. We need schools with enough classrooms to house our ever growing number of pupils; we need extra funding for books, computers, staff, sports and educational resources – not pretty pathways and fancy windows.

Schools need to be functional, clean and warm, they do not need to be a “cathedral.”  I am sure the pupils and staff of Central First School in the North East would rather study in a standard classroom than a bus – even if it did not have enough architectural flair for Lord Knight and his party.

Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East

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