Letter – Thoughts on the UCL immigation study

Dear Editor,

There has been much discussion generated by the UCL immigration study.  UKIP have never said that immigration is simply a drain on our benefit system.  Many immigrants have a very positive effect on our society and economy and this has been the case for hundreds of years; it has no relation to the EU.  We are the only party proposing an Australian style points-based immigration system that will accentuate the benefits to Britain while reducing any negative impact.

This study doesn’t show what wealth our people could have generated if they weren’t ‎subjected to wage-reducing, employment-displacing mass immigration from the EU. Nor does it truly take into account the opportunity costs to the UK of substituting sections of Britain’s workforce with migrant labour.

If governments had spent as much time developing policies aimed at reducing the growth of the UK’s economic underclass as they did bowing to the will of Europe, immigration would not be the number one issue on today’s doorstep.

I am alarmed how the methodology of the report pits EU migrants against immigrants from the wider world. I disagree with the discrimination of our current system which favours Europeans over people from the rest of the globe.  A fair and ethical immigration policy should be based on merit and need – not race and which country you were born in.

UKIP merely want us to control our borders and have an immigration policy tailored to suit the needs of the British people and our economy.


Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East

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