Letter – We must focus on key services, not vanity projects

Dear Editor

Westminster Council have just approved a “garden bridge” at the cost of £175m to the taxpayer.  Not only is this bridge expensive but it will cost £3.5m in annual maintenance.   Some people have dubbed it “the most expensive footbridge in the world”.

It is interesting to see that London Councils can afford to build hundred million pound infrastructure projects primarily as a piece of art.   Here in the North East we have run down railways with cattle trucks for trains, inadequate, overcrowded roads and a health system that is being gradually decimated due to lack of funds.  Many Councils here couldn’t afford to build a footbridge for practical reasons, never mind artistic ones. Perhaps the people of London could make do with a simply functional new footbridge and the extra (estimated at around 5-10 times what was necessary) funding could be redistributed around the country to help areas where the infrastructure doesn’t even meet the most basic of requirements.

I for one would welcome a large investment into our local railways, even if it didn’t quite meet the artistic tastes of Westminster Council.

Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East

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