Letters – Cut waste not key services

Dear Editor,

We’ve already seen frontline services in the North East crippled in everything from the NHS to road repairs, and are now told things are going to get worse under future governments.  Labour bankrupted our country and now the Liberal/Tory coalition has somehow made things worse.

When you consider the tens of millions of pounds which we throw down the drain every day, it is appalling that we face more years of under-investment in our local areas.  I’m a realist; I understand that times are hard – but the government is choosing the wrong areas for tightening our belts.

Before we make more cuts to key services, perhaps we should get our house in order?  We pay the EU 55 million pounds every single day and in recent years we have paid foreign aid to a list of nations which includes China, Russia and Argentina.

Perhaps we should start to look out for the thousands of parents who struggle to feed their families here in the North East, before we fund India’s space programme?


Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP North East

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