Letters – Hartlepool foodbank shame

Dear Editor,

It is devastating that in the 21st Century foodbanks still exist and that vital food handouts are given to families on an average of every three minutes in our town.  I support the wonderful voluntary work that is going on, and thank all members of the public who have donated towards collections.  Having seen for myself the sterling work done by Hartlepool Tesco in getting food for local foodbanks, it’s encouraging that people are able to come together in support of a worthy cause.

The last time I visited a local foodbank itself, the number of in-work people seeking assistance was startling.  How can it possibly be right that people go out to work, attempt to make ends meet, but are still reliant on rescue packages from foodbanks?

It’s grossly unfair that those who manage to find a job, on the minimum wage, are taxed immediately by our greedy Islington-obsessed career-class politicians.  UKIP want to lift those who are on the minimum wage out of income tax altogether; ensuring work really pays.  We also need to make our benefits system fairer, more accessible and flexible. Too often deserving people miss out on what they are entitled to due to our overly complex benefits system, whilst the minority who abuse the system often go undetected.

These two changes alone would go a significant distance in supporting the lowest paid in the land, and helping those who need it most.

Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, Elwick Road, Hartlepool.


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