Letters – We must be able to defend ourselves

Dear Editor,

Recent reports highlighted that an unidentified submarine could be lurking off the coast of Scotland and the UK lacked the resources to react to this potential threat. Indeed, allies had to send planes from as far away as France, America and Canada just so we could search our own coast. If we ever did face a real threat I highly doubt resources could be moved from Canada quickly enough to do anything but access the damage.

The world is an uncertain place, with powerful nations and organisations pursing aggressive agendas.  We need to be able to defend our borders, coasts and airspace at all times.  The threat may be remote but we must be prepared.

The British army must be supported by our politicians, and we need to reconsider successive governments’ hawkish involvement in expensive foreign wars which has often – as in the case of Iraq – proved to be counterproductive.

Jonathan Arnott

UKIP, North East

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