Powers to parents and governors over ofsted inspections

Parents or Govenors should have the ability to trigger an Ofsted inspection if at least 25% sign a petition and present it to the Department for Education, according to UKIP’s North East Euro MP, Jonathan Arnott.

Arnott, a former Maths teacher, made the claim as Nick Hudson, the regional director for Ofsted, criticised the poor performance of secondary schools in the North-East.

Hudson said that children in the region ‘deserve better’ with Ofsted revealing that nearly a third of schools are failing students.

UKIP’s local MEP, Jonathan Arnott, said “Parents and governors should have the ability to trigger an Ofsted inspection if they feel the standards are slipping at their local comprehensive school. Ofsted have said that standards of schools in the region are dropping, yet, they still only venture into our schools when it suits their own blueprint”.

Ofsted’s Chief inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw recently announced that schools rated ‘good’ may still have to wait for up to three years for another inspection, and inspectors are now likely to be at the school for a shorter period of time.

Last year, across England more than 800 schools which had previously been identified as ‘good’ had “slipped back” into a lower grading.

“A lot can change in a school in at least three years, and recent figures show that many schools across the country have slipped lower than Ofsted’s ‘good’ rating. We talk about moving power away from the establishment; giving parents or governors the ability to trigger a school inspection would go some way in achieving that” added Arnott.


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