My Column – Small Business: EU-Expendable or Economic Engine Room?

The biggest assault on our small businesses for many years seems to have slipped through the public consciousness. I was aware of it, of course, but until very recently I had failed to grasp the sheer scale of it.

Big business, of course, loves much of the Brussels system. They have the money and resources to lobby the Commission and Parliament, which of course no small business can realistically do. Brussels has more lobbyists than Washington DC (hint: that’s not actually something to be proud of) and so big business is able to manipulate EU legislation in ways that the others simply cannot. This is where I fail to understand the mindset of the Left of British politics in respect of the European Union. They remain pro-EU despite the fact that the EU is the friend of everything that they hate: globalisation, big business and the corporatist agenda.

I’m writing about something which is putting small businesses in my constituency and all over the country out of business. It all sounds so very straightforward, and it seems to have come out of the idea that Amazon and other companies trading online should be made to pay their fair share of VAT in every country. So far, so good. You might agree or you might disagree but even if you disagree, you can see the Commission’s reasoning. The days of companies plumping for the country with the lowest rate of VAT would be over. It may not be the most effective means of improving the tax system, but it’s a simple one.



You can read the rest of my article at my Huffington Post blog here.

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