My Column – UKIP and Ebola – Countering More Propaganda

There’s a strange prevailing attitude amongst the Left of British politics, which is essentially “if you don’t like something, blame it on Ukip”. This time, it’s Bob Morgan– who surpasses his own usual standards of anti-UKIP propaganda as he randomly implies that Ukip holds some pretty horrible views on Ebola. No evidence is presented for this wild assertion; it’s just the usual kind of logic. In his mind, ‘Ukip are bad’, ‘certain attitudes about ebola are bad’, and therefore ‘Ukip hold those views’. Aren’t Ukip awful? This is what passes for logic in the world of the Liberal Democrats.

An alternative approach might be to look at what people in Ukip have actually said about ebola; he wouldn’t have had to look very far to find what I’ve said on the subject as a Ukip MEP. I have argued consistently that our money should have been spent on ebola quickly. A fast response would have saved lives, and in the long run been cheaper than what we have done. We must salute those brave doctors, nurses and volunteers who have taken their lives in their hands trying to work against this awful disease, and I believe we have a responsibility to help those including the nurse who is, at the time of writing, being treated in the London Free Hospital.

My comments in the European Parliament can be found here and here on the subject. Compare them with Mr. Morgan’s article, his straw man caricature of Ukip. We see, once again, some intellectual dishonesty.



You can read the rest of my article at my Huffington Post blog here.

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