Letters – Correcting yet more tired Labour spin

Dear Editor,

Labour Councillors Lambert and Stockdale stated in the Journal (5/1/15) that they do not believe in negative campaigning – yet in the same letter launched into precisely that kind of negative tirade against UKIP.

They claimed we want to charge people to use the NHS.  As my last column in the Journal demonstrated, this is untrue.  Our Policies for People document states “UKIP will ensure the NHS is free at the point of delivery and time of need for all UK residents.”

They claimed that we want to tax families to fund millionaires – another lie; in fact we would take those on the minimum wage completely out of tax, scrap the bedroom tax and set up a Treasury Commission to ensure big business pay their fair share.

Their ‘no negative campaigning’ extends to attacking Nigel Farage’s ‘expenses’.  Actually, the figure refers to allowances.  Over a fifteen year period, Nigel has employed staff, maintained a constituency office and travelled to France and Belgium every month just like any other MEP.  This costs money; it costs money for all MEPs – and yes, there are parts of the system which aren’t right.  That’s what I stand against in the Budget and Budgetary Control Committees, why I tabled amendments to the EU budget to change the system.  But ultimately if they don’t like their taxes subsidising the unfair EU system, the logical answer is to support UKIP and get us out of this unreformable mess.

The answer to their tired old allegations against Nigel Farage was already in the public domain.  So is the answer to their accusations on policy.  UKIP’s Policies for People document is not hidden; it is in plain view on our website (it’s actually the top link) for all to see – readers can check for themselves whether the Labour councillors’ attacks are accurate or not. Finding out what we actually stand for would have taken up just a few minutes of Lambert and Stockdale’s time but instead they chose to resort to smear.

Isn’t this kind of distortion and disingenuousness from Labour exactly what gives politicians a bad name?  How often do you hear people say “I don’t trust politicians”?  We’re supposed to be working for the future of our country; Lambert and Stockdale would do well to remember that instead of using a style that would be more suited to a Punch and Judy show.


Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East

My Column – UKIP and Ebola – Countering More Propaganda

There’s a strange prevailing attitude amongst the Left of British politics, which is essentially “if you don’t like something, blame it on Ukip”. This time, it’s Bob Morgan– who surpasses his own usual standards of anti-UKIP propaganda as he randomly implies that Ukip holds some pretty horrible views on Ebola. No evidence is presented for this wild assertion; it’s just the usual kind of logic. In his mind, ‘Ukip are bad’, ‘certain attitudes about ebola are bad’, and therefore ‘Ukip hold those views’. Aren’t Ukip awful? This is what passes for logic in the world of the Liberal Democrats.

An alternative approach might be to look at what people in Ukip have actually said about ebola; he wouldn’t have had to look very far to find what I’ve said on the subject as a Ukip MEP. I have argued consistently that our money should have been spent on ebola quickly. A fast response would have saved lives, and in the long run been cheaper than what we have done. We must salute those brave doctors, nurses and volunteers who have taken their lives in their hands trying to work against this awful disease, and I believe we have a responsibility to help those including the nurse who is, at the time of writing, being treated in the London Free Hospital.

My comments in the European Parliament can be found here and here on the subject. Compare them with Mr. Morgan’s article, his straw man caricature of Ukip. We see, once again, some intellectual dishonesty.



You can read the rest of my article at my Huffington Post blog here.

Jonathan Arnott MEP on ‘deeply disturbing’ Lib Dem Councillor remarks regarding alleged Tyneside sex attack victim  

Reacting to the news that a Lib Dem Cllr suggested an alleged Tyneside sex attack victim was too ugly to be targeted, Jonathan Arnott MEP said:

“There is much about this case that is deeply disturbing.  For an elected councillor to describe a woman as ‘too ugly’ to be raped is deeply disturbing and distressing.  Frankly, comments like that have no place in politics.  He has resigned from the Lib Dems; he should resign from the Council altogether.

“I can’t comment on suggestions by Italian police that she might have ‘made it up’ because I’m not in possession of the full facts of the case.  But this shows the danger of the European Arrest Warrant: thanks to Cameron signing back up to it, British citizens can still be extradited to face trial abroad without a British court having reviewed the evidence.  In such cases there is a serious risk of miscarriage of justice because we’ve given up the right to protect our own people.”

UKIP slam Labour MEP’s ‘rank hypocrisy’ over European Parliament activity level

–          MEP activity levels revealed – shows UKIP’s single MEP in the North East, works harder than the region’s two Labour MEPs combined.

–          Arnott says it is an example of ‘rank hypocrisy that is engrained in the Labour Party’, and that the Labour Party in the North East is becoming ‘all smear and no substance’ in its constant attacks on UKIP.

As 2014’s MEP activity figures are revealed, Labour’s two North East MEPs have been accused of ‘rank hypocrisy’, by UKIP’s North East Euro MP, Jonathan Arnott.

The claim comes as final activity figures of MEPs within the European Parliament were revealed by independent organisation, MEPRanking, showing that Mr. Arnott is one of the hardest-working MEPs anywhere in the country.

Figures released show that Mr Arnott has made 73 speeches in the European Parliament, in comparison to Labour’s combined total of just 6, since their term of office began on the 1st July.

Mr Arnott’s figure is the highest of any British MEP of any Party, and 9th out of all 750 MEPs in the European Parliament.

Figures also show that Arnott, UKIP’s first ever elected MEP for the North East, has asked 36 parliamentary questions to the European Commission on behalf of constituents, in comparison to a combined total of the two Labour MEPs of just 15.

Shortly after the European election results, Labour MEP Jude Kirton-Darling said “I think there’s a responsibility if you are elected by people, to properly represent them in the organisation you are elected to. Up till now, Jonathan Arnott said he is not going to participate in the European Parliament, I think that is a betrayal of the electorate”.

In the Journal (31st October), Labour’s David Anderson MP added “When Mr Arnott and his colleagues start attending their jobs regularly in Brussels and Strasbourg and do their job for which they were elected they might be listened to more”.

Following the news, UKIP’s local Euro MP Jonathan Arnott said “This is yet another fine example of the lies that were made about me in the run up to the European elections, and the rank hypocrisy that is engrained in the Labour Party. I had never said that I wouldn’t participate, merely that I wanted to spend time back in the UK working hard for my constituents as well.  These figures clearly show that I’ve worked much harder in the European Parliament than both Labour MEPs put together.”

Mr Arnott pointed to public meetings he has attended in recent months to meet constituents at various locations across the North East, including Alnwick, Blyth, Bedlington, Cramlington, Gateshead and Middlesbrough – with more planned in January and February.

“When you compare the record of Labour’s MEPs to mine, it’s rank hypocrisy for them to make these claims.  The Labour Party in the North East is becoming ‘all smear and no substance’ in its constant attacks on UKIP, even when they have been categorically proven wrong” added Arnott.

Notes to the editor:

MEPRanking – Record of Jonathan Arnott MEP: http://www.mepranking.eu/mep.php?id=124958

MEPRanking – Record of Jude Kirton Darling MEP: http://www.mepranking.eu/mep.php?id=124953

MEPRanking – Record of Paul Brannen MEP: http://www.mepranking.eu/mep.php?id=124954


My Column – Racism, Homophobia and Bigotry (No, Not Ukip)

In my last article for the Huffington Post, I talked about the 99.7% – the percentage of Ukip candidates at the 2013 and 2014 local elections who had not said or done stupid things. I didn’t think the 0.3%, who have been dealt with by internal disciplinary action and are generally no longer UKIP members, merited the oxygen of publicity. We’re not the only Party to have a 0.3%.

Read the papers, watch the news, and you’ll get the impression that it’s only in Ukip where there are a small minority who need to be dealt with. Nothing could be further from the truth: Greens, Lib Dems, Conservatives and Labour all have their fair share. And they’re often of an order of magnitude worse than anything from Ukip candidates. Yet there is a difference in perception and reporting: when it’s Ukip, it’s perceived as a structural failing within the Party. When it’s another Party, it is likely to be local news not national, or reported in only one newspaper. It rarely makes television, and so the cycle is perpetuated.

You can read the rest of my article at my Huffington Post blog here.