My Column – We have a chance to curb the excesses of the European Union

A tyrannical king once asked a wise man, ‘What shall I do for the betterment of our people?’

The wise man replied, ‘The best thing you could do for your people is to remain in bed until noon so that for this brief period you shall not afflict mankind’.

As the European Union juggernaut rolls on, sometimes it feels like all I can do as a member of the European Parliament is to try to stem the tide of new legislation which damages Britain’s interests and business.

This week, though, was slightly different. We were able to score a few minor victories which might actually help local people.

On the Budgetary Control committee, one of our group’s amendments (to stop EU subsidies for political parties).

It was my vote as Ukip that made the difference and we won by 14 to 13. As ever with the European Union, nothing is so simple. Not so long ago, MEPs voted to stop our taxes subsidising Spanish bullfights – but the subsidies still continue.

Likewise, this won’t stop millions of pounds of our taxes funding political parties but we’ve won the first battle in a much larger fight.



You can read the rest of my column on the Journal website here.


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