Letter – For once Cameron is right, UKIP voters should return “home” – to UKIP

Dear Editor,

David Cameron has written in the Telegraph asking UKIP voters to ‘return home’, naively assuming that if UKIP weren’t there we’d vote Conservative. That’s just not true: most UKIP voters I meet would never vote Conservative even if UKIP didn’t exist.

But for once, I’m going to agree with David Cameron. I too call on UKIP voters to return home, though not in the way that he means. Those who are considering voting Labour in case it ‘lets the Conservatives in’, or those who are thinking about voting Conservative in case it ‘lets Labour in’ probably balance each other out in the end anyway. You could return home to UKIP, standing firm in your belief that we can control our borders, save billions of pounds on the EU and foreign aid, scrap Income Tax on the minimum wage and reward hard work.

In fact in most North East seats, the Conservatives don’t stand a chance and the main challengers to Labour are UKIP. It shouldn’t be ‘vote UKIP, get Labour’ or ‘vote UKIP, get Conservative’ but ‘vote UKIP, get UKIP.’


Jonathan Arnott MEP
MEP for the North East region and UKIP PPC for Easington

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