Letter – Politicians must bow to the will of the people and scrap the bedroom tax

Dear Sir,

The North East Manifesto finding almost 76% of those surveyed want the ‘bedroom tax’ scrapping comes as little surprise.

This tax operates unfairly and takes insufficient account of the needs of families and the disabled. It is a major concern for tens of thousands of households in the region and this under-occupancy penalty would be ditched by UKIP.

It causes a great deal of hardship and suffering and inevitably affects those least able to deal with it. It is wrong in principle and people should not be forced out of their homes or have their housing benefits cut.

There is an increasing need for new housing largely caused by the unprecedented immigration of the last decade and that pressure will continue until we leave the European Union.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan Arnott MEP,

UKIP PPC for Easington

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