Letter – Why wont Labour let the British people decide for themselves?

Dear Editor,


Ed Miliband and the Labour party have made it clear that they are opposed to the UK leaving the European Union.  This is fine, we now have a debate on this issue which is both healthy and constructive.  Many viable arguments can be made on both sides of the debate and I am delighted that this discussion is now being held in the political mainstream.

What I take issue with is the fact that Labour do not wish to give the British people a say in this vital decision.  Politicians are elected to work for the people, not dictate what they can and cannot have a say on.  From immigration, to educational funding the EU has a impact on so many aspects of life in modern Britain and I believe the British people deserve a say on this issue.

We need an open, fair, referendum on this long running and divisive issue so that once and for all we can settle what way the future of our country is headed. Labour as a party (unlike many of their voters) are opposed to British withdrawal from the EU yet they are very reluctant to make a case for this in front of the British people; I suspect this is because they know that if a referendum is held, the result very well may not go as they hoped.


Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East


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