Wake up call to voters

Research showing that the North East has the highest number of safe parliamentary seats should be a wake up call for Labour voters, said the region’s UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott.

“It is depressing that our region has the top number of safe seats at 79.3%, with many seats not having changed hands for generations. Unsurprisingly these safe seats in the North East are all Labour and it explains why the party is content to ignore this part of the country, confident that they can treat their supporters with disdain but still get elected.

“We hope to change all that by challenging Labour in their heartlands”  said Mr Arnott, who is contesting the Easington constituency – which, since 1979, has overall been the safest seat anywhere in England.

“People are beginning to realise this and turning to UKIP as the party that most represents their working class values and common sense views.  Even so, the Electoral Reform Society’s figures clearly show the need for a more proportional voting system so that everyone’s vote matters and is equally valuable.”

“The data on predicted General Election results drawn up by the Electoral Reform Society “confidently predicted” 56% of the total results. That should be a wake-up call for all voters in the safe constituencies, not to let their votes be so taken for granted.”

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