Five reasons why membership of the European Union is bad for the North East

Compelling reasons why membership of the European Union is bad for the North East have been voiced by UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott today.

Responding to remarks by local Labour Euro-MPs giving five reasons to stay in the European Union Mr Arnott has given five cogent reasons to leave.

UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott said:

“Sadly, the pro-EU case is selling myths (such as the idea that the EU, not NATO, keeps the peace), scaremongering (claiming that jobs are at risk when they’re not, or raising the spectre of phantom trade tariffs) and half-truths (praising some ‘good’ pieces of legislation like maternity rights – where our Parliament in Westminster could, should and does provide protection for our own workers).  There’s a positive case for trading with Europe but not being governed by Europe, which actually addresses the vast majority of their concerns.  Here are my top 5 reasons to leave:

Reason 1.  To stop sending £55 million+ of taxpayers’ money every single day to Brussels

Whenever you hear talk about ‘EU money’, remember that just means we’re getting a portion of our own taxation back.  Every EU project has been paid for – and more – by the taxpayer.

Reason 2.  To develop our global trade links and create new jobs

Outside the EU we’d be free to negotiate our own trade deals.  Forget flawed deals (like the proposed TTIP) negotiated for us by the EU Trade Commissioner.  Switzerland has more free trade deals than we do; it’s time to remember the Commonwealth, look to the wider world, and trade with emerging markets as well as Europe.

Did you know?  Companies like JCB and Dyson want to leave the EU because it would be good for trade.

Reason 3.  To control our borders

We believe that the British people, and the British Parliament in Westminster, should have the right to determine our own immigration policy.

Reason 4.  To regain the freedom to make our own laws

From agriculture to commerce, foreign aid to business, criminal justice to transport, our own Parliament in Westminster should be taking the final decisions.  Every so-called ‘good’ EU law could have been passed by our own Parliament, but we could avoid the ‘bad’ ones.

Did you know? The European Arrest Warrant leaves British citizens vulnerable to deportation without any evidence being weighed up in a British court.  

Reason 5.  To stop EU red tape and regulation strangling our small businesses

With more lobbyists in Brussels than Washington DC, big business certainly knows how to shape EU legislation so that it has a competitive advantage.  But small businesses don’t have the resources to cope.  Our small businesses shouldn’t be strangled at birth, but freed to become the big business of tomorrow.

Did you know? Many small businesses can’t afford to trade with Europe any more because of the new VATMOSS regulations.

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