Jonathan Arnott MEP stresses that leaving the EU would not mean severing trade links with Europe

Jonathan Arnott, UKIP’s North East MEP, said that leaving the EU would not mean severing trade links with Europe, and added: “It appears that Cameron’s approach to renegotiation is to not actually ask for meaningful reform of the European Union, so there’s certainly no reason why we can’t get on with the referendum and hold it as soon as possible. The referendum has been dangled for many years, so it’s no wonder that there’s some uncertainty being caused.

“Of course, no business would want to cut our trade links with Europe – but fortunately that ‘nuclear option’ isn’t on the table. We have a stark choice to come in the referendum. There’s the status quo of a little-European mindset, continuing the EU’s backward-looking insular protectionism. Or, we can continue to trade with Europe without fear – but open our eyes to the needs of a modern, vibrant, global economy and develop our trade links with emerging markets.”


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