More of the same from this year’s Queen’s Speech

“The Queen’s speech contains a lot of ‘more of the same’, continuing to throw unrealistic amounts of taxpayers’ money at projects like HS2.

But many of the proposals are frustrating because they’re halfway to being good. Extending the right-to buy scheme is a great idea, but only if we build a new council house to replace every single one bought.

Increasing the tax threshold copies a long-standing UKIP plan, but it’s a cheap imitation because it won’t take those working a standard working week on minimum wage out of income tax altogether.

Banning so-called ‘legal highs’ is needed, but we need to see the detail to prevent loopholes being exploited.

The ‘Northern powerhouse’ remains light on detail, and I’m keen to ensure that proposals for greater democracy don’t just mean more politicians.

Sadly, it seems that nothing will be done to repeal or reform failing policies like the ‘bedroom tax’.

It’s not the worst queen’s speech, but there has been a massive missed opportunity.

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