Care home investigation demanded

Local MEP Jonathan Arnott is demanding a full inquiry into a care home in Hartlepool following a damning report by the Care Quality Commission.

Admiral Court Care Home has been branded as “inadequate” in all areas and with a disregard for residents’ humanity.

“The CQC report has also described the home for the elderly as “unsafe and uncaring” which I find unbelievably shocking,” said Mr Arnott, UKIP Euro-MP for the town.

“All the residents are by their very nature extremely vulnerable and deserving of the best of care and consideration but this report shows they have received the exact opposite.

“The appalling conditions at this home came to light through unannounced inspections and the scathing report now published. But that must not be the end of it, there needs to be a full inquiry into how this state of affairs has come about and, if appropriate, prosecutions brought.

“This is not the first time a care home has been found to be wanting and with the ever growing number of such establishments people must be assured that rigorous checks are the norm.

“While it is reassuring that the CQC has acted promptly and transparently over the alarming situation at this Hartlepool home I fear in such times of austerity the ability of health watchdogs to keep on top of inspections will inevitably be challenged.

“This case starkly demonstrates the vital need for them and also I believe more needs to be done by the government to encourage whistleblowers to speak out and save our elderly from suffering,” he added.

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