Government, business and educators need to work together

Improvement of our education system needs government, business and educators to work together, said regional MEP Jonathan Arnott.

He spoke out following comments by the CBI director general about the eduction system in England, who has said that it needs to change and he has described the exam system as “narrow and out of date”.

John Cridland wants GCSEs to be scrapped and for the introduction of an exam system with equal status for vocational subjects.

UKIP Euro-MP Mr Arnott said, “When the head of the CBI says that the education system needs to change, it’s important to listen.

“There’s certainly something in what he says: like Germany, we need to place greater value on the vocational route and not see it as a second-class option.  The education system should be varied and prepare young people for the world of work, not just for a university lecture theatre.

“But his proposed solution seems to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

“Having GCSEs in so many varied subjects at 16 gives the chance for a broad base of knowledge, with specialisation post-16.  The real answer is much simpler than that: government, business and educators need to work together to strengthen the quality and value of vocational and technical education in the UK.”

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