North East jobs are at risk because of EU bureaucracy

Vital jobs in the North East are at risk because of EU bureaucracy, warned UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott today.

The situation in the North Sea oil and gas industry has been described as “critical” by an industry chief because the UK loses out to foreign competitors.

Dennis Clark, chairman of OGN Fabricators, says the industry is on the brink of extinction and has predicted that if no more work is secured before the last of its two remaining contracts is completed in November their Wallsend yard will close with 1,250 job losses.

“When the government is spoken to about this he says that they respond saying they cannot favour UK content as it is against European rules,” said Mr Arnott, North East Euro-MP.

“This is just not good enough, British jobs including thousands in the North East, are at risk.

“This is a classic example of how our hands are tied by the EU and nothing is going to improve on that front until we withdraw our membership.

“Our government talks about developing the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ but

this does not auger well. The North East needs a great deal of investment and commitment and this includes the offshore oil and gas industry,” said Mr Arnott.

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