TTIP vote delay condemned by UKIP

Following the European Parliament’s delay of the vote on TTIP, local UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott has described the European Parliament as “a democratic vacuum.”

“Thousands of people have been contacting UKIP – including many to me personally –  as they are worried about how TTIP will privatise the NHS. They are begging their MEPs to vote against it.

“But rather than listen to the will of the people and dropping TTIP, the EU Commissioners have put the vote off until such a time they think they can win it.

“Instead of doing what the people want, they are trying to get the people to do what they want.

“I had managed to persuade the European Parliament to extend the debate on TTIP so that it could be given greater security but then we were ambushed with a proposal to postpone that as well as the vote.

“I spoke on behalf of UKIP’s MEPs arguing that it should continue because it was a matter of such public importance. But sadly we lost the vote on that by 183-181, with the British Conservative Party voting to postpone the debate – so sparing them exposing their embarrassing internal conflicts.

“For democracy, the NHS and for public services it has never been clearer than it is today that the UK needs to leave the EU,” he said.


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