Individual police bosses should not literally be taking the law into their own hands

Drug laws should be applied equally across the land and not be open to interpretation in different policing areas, says local UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott.

His comments come in the wake of admissions that Durham Police are letting cannabis growers and smokers escape prosecution.

“Their approach cannot be right,” said Mr Arnott.

“We have a serious drug problem in this country and whatever your views on cannabis the law says that cultivating and using it is a crime.

“There needs to be a national debate on the issue and meanwhile individual police bosses should not literally be taking the law into their own hands.

“Durham police force has apparently decided to give a free pass to low level users and growers. But the law is the law and it should be followed – particularly by the police.

“Ron Hogg, the area’s police and crime commissioner, has said that where low level amounts of cannabis plants are discovered it is unlikely the offenders will be prosecuted.

“What message does that send out, particularly to vulnerable impressionable youngsters and what magic figure is defined as small? Even as few as a dozen can yield a street value of £10,000 which plainly makes it a commercial operation,” said Mr Arnott.

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