Letters – North East infrastructure requires further funding and investment

Dear Editor,

In the run up to the recent general election we all heard lots of talk about the Conservative Party’s “Northern Powerhouse” strategy and the need to invest in North East infrastructure in order to close the gap between the standard of services available in the region in comparison to other areas.  However, it appears that now the votes have been cast some of the proposed funding has failed to materialise.  David Cameron has even suggested that people should stop “griping” about the situation.

The state of infrastructure and investment in the North East is already decades behind that of other areas in the UK; not only does the promised investment need to be put into place asap; but further funding will also need to be invested in the years ahead.

Perhaps if the Prime Minister compared the new ‘Crossrail’ project and existing services in the capital to the experiences of local rail travellers in the North East he would understand why some people may feel the need to “gripe.”


Jonathan Arnott MEP

UKIP, North East

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