“No” Vote recognition of democracy

The “no” vote in Greece is recognition of democracy at its finest, said local UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott.

Welcoming the referendum rejecting the terms of an international bailout, Mr Arnott said, “I congratulate the Greek people. They have made their views clear and that is how it should be – a fine sovereign nation sticking up for itself.

“The Greeks are a proud people, whose country was at the birthplace of democracy and the European Union is the exact antithesis of that ideal. The Greeks have paid a heavy financial price since they joined the single currency. And they have had enough of EU bullying tactics.

“The austerity measures forced on them by the EU have proved too much.  The people never asked for it, voted for it, and certainly never deserved it.

“Across the Europe there is growing anger and despair at the way the EU operates, and we will now see nation after nation forced to reconsider the nature of their relationship with the EU, under the growing pressure from their dissatisfied electorate.

“Those running the EU care only for their political project and will continue to fight to keep Greece in the Eurozone. But leave they must, for their economy’s sake. A devalued drachma would see Greek exports and tourism surge – who wouldn’t want a cheap holiday to Greece?

“Iceland’s example shows how quickly a nation can recover: it defaulted on its debt, nationalised its large banks and its currency devalued, creating economic growth,” said Mr Arnott, UKIP’s EU budget spokesman.

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