Proposed recycling targets could hit householders in pocket

Householders could be hit in the pocket for failing to meet ‘impossible’ recycling targets being proposed by the EU, warned local MEP Jonathan Arnott.

EU bureaucrats are proposing that 70% of rubbish is recycled or reused even though most countries, including Britain, are struggling to reach the current target figure of 50% by 2020.

“I greatly support recycling, it makes obvious sense, but the power mad bureaucrats are keen to force through legislation which would prove impossible to meet,” said Mr Arnott.

“There is a major waste problem in this country but I believe the spotlight is being shone on the wrong target. Instead of picking on householders the authorities should be forcing manufacturers and suppliers to further cut down on packaging.

“Who hasn’t struggled to get into excess packaging on household items, such as ink cartridges or ironically scissors, and having done so it is just thrown away?

“And looking at the bigger picture we all know that appliances such as fridges and washing machines used to be far more durable and were ‘built to last’ compared to many of today’s products,” he said.

“Under the EU plans householders may be given smaller dustbins and treated like naughty children with the threat of fines hanging over them. This can only lead to fly tipping and sneakily dumping items in other people’s bins.

“I was among those who voted against these proposals under the Circular Economy report in Strasbourg,” said Mr Arnott.

“Instead of fortnightly bin collections, which are now apply in most areas, it would be better if we saw a return to weekly collections. Some people are zealous about sorting their refuse and can find they fill their recycling bin in just a week.

“On the other hand, of course, some simply couldn’t care less about recycling and they are exactly the people who won’t pay a fine if one is levied. As always heavy handed legislation could end up affecting the most law abiding.

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