Commission Question – Amicus Curiae briefs

Question to the Commission for written answer E-009124/2015

Subject: Amicus Curiae briefs

Could the Commission provide details of how many Amicus Curiae briefs it has submitted in third countries since 2004?



Answer given on behalf of the Commission by President Juncker (11.8.2015)

Since 2004 Amicus Curiae brief submissions have been used only in the courts of the United States. With the exception of anti-trust and enforcement of an arbitration award, which have been introduced before lower level courts, Amicus briefs have been submitted to the US Supreme Court in cases on the following areas:

-Anti-dumping: 1

-Anti-trust: 3

-Enforcement of arbitration award against a Member State: 1

-Extra-territorial application of US law (Alien Tort Claims Act): 3

-Death Penalty: 4

In the death penalty cases the Amicus Curiae briefs were submitted by the European Union and by members of the international community in support of the petitioners.

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