Commission Question – Arash Derambarsh’s anti-food-waste campaign

Question to the Commission for written answer E-010268/2015

Jonathan Arnott (EFDD)

Subject: Arash Derambarsh’s anti-food-waste campaign

A recent French law was introduced to allow discarded food from supermarkets to be given to those unable to afford to look after themselves. Have any discussions taken place regarding an EU-wide law and, if so, what stage have they reached?



Answer given on behalf of the Commission by Mr Andriukaitis (27.8.2015)

The Commission welcomes initiatives taken by Member States and stakeholders to fight against food waste and facilitate the redistribution of safe, edible food for human consumption.

The Commission is working actively with Member States and stakeholders to remove barriers – be they regulatory or operational – which might hinder food donation and to support effective exchange of good practices at EU level.  In this regard, the Commission would kindly refer the Honourable Member to its answers to questions E-010421/2014 and E-009571/20141 as well as to its dedicated food waste website2.

With respect to the legislative proposal introduced by the French government to prevent retailers from destroying unsold, edible food, the Commission refers the Honourable Member to its replies to E-009483/2015, E-009024/2015, E-009003/2015, E-008887/2015 and E-008448/20153.




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