Local politician ‘facing his Waterloo’ at World Championships

Local member of the European Parliament, Jonathan Arnott, will be representing Britain in a different way when he heads back off to Belgium for the World Championships of the board game Stratego later this month.

The World Championships will take place in Waterloo this year to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the famous battle.

Jonathan Arnott, who has also competed in a variety of international chess events, has represented Great Britain on a number of occasions at Stratego – but this year’s competition is expected to be the toughest for many years.

Teams from Holland, Greece, Germany, France, the Basque Country (Spain) and Belgium are all expected to compete – with the participation of other nations such as the USA still uncertain.

Richard Ratcliffe, a Yorkshire bus driver, will lead the team and as a former World Champion himself in 2011 – he won the World Championships in North Shields – he has the ability to beat anyone in the world, which he has proved on many occasions.

UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott said: “We’re confident that we’ve got a really good team this year.  Richard is a world-class player and will be looking to regain his individual world title. We’re welcoming back another world top-5 player who’s taken a break from the game, and we have a new player this year who we have high hopes for.

“The only disappointment this year is myself – my job as a member of the European Parliament hasn’t left me with much time to practice so I may be a little rusty.  I’ll have to work on my game online before I leave and meet up with Richard for a few games to get myself back into form.”

With Greece being the reigning team World Champions and Holland currently having six players in the world’s top ten, even a bronze medal would be a significant achievement this year for the British team – but they have high hopes of more.

The Championships take place from August 20th – 23rd in Waterloo, Brussels, with the team event taking place on the last day..

For anyone interested in finding out more, thousands of people play the game online for free atwww.stratego.com

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